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Announcing Strider Benefits

Neal Kemp January 17, 2023

New Year, New Product

It's a new year, and Strider has a new product to announce, Strider Benefits! Our new offering brings yet more advantages to Strider's hiring platform for employers and job seekers alike.

Strider Benefits allows job seekers on Strider to access excellent benefits locally even if they're working remotely for a company a continent away. This helps them stay happy and healthy, and it helps the employers hiring on Strider better attract and retain top developers in Latin America.

We're launching today with two types of offerings in Strider Benefits: healthcare and English classes. We are partnering with five companies that are truly leaders in their areas:

  • Alice is a technology company reinventing the health insurance industry in Brazil by offering health insurance combined with proprietary primary care, delivered digitally and in person.
  • Cultura Inglesa offers English courses for all ages and levels and has been in the market for over 85 years.
  • Dr+ aims to promote access to quality medical care through telemedicine which is why their team is made up of qualified and experienced health professionals. Their experience has shown that medical events require instant medical care, followed by quality information, and online service.
  • Inkwell English offers intensive interview preparation with experienced native speakers to focus messaging, practice key questions and answers, build confidence, develop key phrasing and avoid mistakes common to interviewees.
  • dr.consulta is a complete health ecosystem founded in 2011 in São Paulo, and its mission is to offer excellent and affordable care for everyone, anywhere, at any time.

Stay tuned because more types of benefits and new benefits partners are already in the works!

For Employers

Strider Benefits makes hiring developers through Strider even better. You'll be able to attract and retain top talent better than ever before. 

We make it easy for your new teammates to get access to exclusive perks and benefits like healthcare and English classes, so they can stay healthy and continue to fine tune their communication skills.

Sign up now to hire remote developers.

For Job Seekers

Working internationally from Latin America has its advantages: higher pay, exciting projects, career advancement, and more. However, there's one big drawback: no benefits.

By becoming a Strider member, you can get access to exclusive benefits like healthcare and English classes while still working for an international employer.

Sign up now to get access to benefits & find a new job.

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