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Every candidate accepted to Strider’s platform gets a dedicated Talent Agent to help them prepare for and land their dream job.

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Get jobs coming to you with just one test

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Companies hiring on Strider are looking for skills in Node, Rails, React, Golang, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Python, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

After we approve your application, there are three steps: (1) An interview with a recruiter, (2) a technical assessment and (3) Soft skill alignment and profile building. After that, you're approved for our talent pool and can get matched to job opportunities on our platform.

All jobs are remote, so you can work from your home country without needing to obtain a VISA.

Strider helps companies find talent in technical roles. The list of titles we work with includes Software Engineers (various types), Lead Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Designers, and more.

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It's 100% free from job seekers. You don't pay anything to join, and you don't pay anything after getting hired through Strider.

Most of the companies hiring on Strider are looking for mid-level and above. We usually find that to be successful getting a job on our platform, you'll need at least 3 years of experience.

Feel free to apply if you have less, and we'll see if there's a position open for you!

Yes, you should be able to speak English at a professional level or above. Different companies have different levels of English expectations.

First time interviewing in English? Our talent agents will help you practice and feel comfortable and confident going into interviews.

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Companies hiring on Strider are looking for skills in Node, Rails, React, Golang, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Python, and much more.

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