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Strider's platform makes it easy to hire top, remote software developers from Latin America. Get curated matches for your specific requirements from our vetted network, and hire remote developers seamlessly

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Hire remote developers from our extensive network of rigorously vetted talent across hundreds of technologies and skills.

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We match you with the right candidates, quickly. Spend less time screening candidates and reduce time-to-hire.

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Your Strider developers are fully embedded in your teams, working and reporting to you on a daily basis.

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Hire remote developers; no matter what you're looking for, we'll match you with the right developer for your needs. Our developers have experience across dozens of industries and hundreds of technologies.

João B. Mobile Software Engineer
Carlos H. Full-stack Software Engineer
Juliano A. Back-end Software Engineer
Luis P. Data Engineer
Maiara F. Data Scientist
Bruna G. Front-end Software Engineer

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