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Introduce us to companies that need engineers, and we'll pay you up to $1,000 for every successful referral you make.

Yes, it's that simple.


Make intros, get paid, repeat

Reward on referral's first hire
Flex your network

Get rewarded for having a great network by introducing us to companies who need help hiring.

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Set it and forget it

You make the intros, we'll handle the rest to make sure they hire great developers.

Strider's team
VIP treatment

You can trust your referrals are in good hands with us. We'll help them find the best talent.

How it works

  • Create an account

    Create an account with us and visit our referral page.

  • Make intros

    Connect us to companies who need engineers, and we'll match them with the best talent.

  • Get paid

    After your referral's first hire with Strider completes their 30-day trial, you get paid.

Frequently asked questions

For each successful referral, you have the option to earn $1,000 in cash or Strider credits. A referral is considered successful once a new company makes their first hire through Strider and the hire completes their 30-day trial period successfully.

You are welcome to refer any company to us. Our team is prepared to discuss potential fit with any referred company. Typically, US-based technology companies are the most likely to find our services beneficial and to be a good fit.

Joining our referral program is straightforward and cost-free. The only requirements are creating a Strider account and agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Strider specializes in software development and engineering roles, covering a broad range of technology stacks. We exclusively partner with talented candidates based in Latin America to meet your hiring needs.

Interviewing developers through Strider comes at no cost - it's 100% free. Companies only incur a cost when they decide to hire a candidate through our platform.

Our approach is both collaborative and tailored, designed to hand-curate the highest quality developers from our extensive network of over 30,000 Latin America-based professionals to meet your specific hiring needs. This personalized process not only ensures a faster hiring timeline, allowing companies to secure full-time hires within a few weeks, but also significantly enhances the quality of engineers you bring on board. By leveraging our platform, you gain a competitive edge through both speed and excellence in your hiring process, bypassing the lengthy durations typical of traditional recruitment methods.


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