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Senior Back-end/Data Engineer - Node.js, Docker

5+ years
Full-time (40h)
Full Remote



  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Experience building and maintaining integrations (e.g. Segment, Clearbit)
  • Strong experience handling crucial data sets and developing production data
  • Proficiency with building and maintaining third-party APIs as services
  • Capability of implementing data quality assurance and monitoring principles
  • Ability to develop scalable applications
  • Strong communication skills in both spoken and written English


  • Startup experience
  • Experience with Typescript
  • Deep knowledge of databases, SQL, ETLs, and data processing
  • Knowledge of document-oriented, classical relational, and columnar databases
  • Concurrency, parallelization, and classical data processing techniques (e.g. MapReduce)
  • Experience with BullMq or any other Message Queue (e.g., RabbitMq, ActiveMQ, or AWS SQS)

What you will work on

  • Create, build, and maintain data pipelines
  • Improve performance, reduce redundancies, test, and monitor pipelines
  • Implement and maintain APIs for seamless data integration
  • Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and retrieval processes
  • Ensure data security, integrity, and accessibility
  • Implement data quality and monitoring measures
Interested in this job? We're still accepting applications for this position
Interested in this job? We're still accepting applications for this position

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