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WordPress is an open-source platform. It is one of the most popular choices and simplest solutions for businesses that want to create quality websites or blogs. Although WordPress development was initially only meant to be used for blogging and online publication, businesses frequently use WordPress to build intricate marketing websites and more.

The WordPress development platform is incredibly flexible and can be used to create blogs, e-commerce websites, and business websites. It is a great solution for organizations of all sizes, from tiny firms to major corporations, and it places a strong emphasis on flexibility and use.

A WordPress developer is in charge of a website's front end and/or back end. They frequently have more expertise in coding and web development than the typical user, giving them the ability to affect the environment and infrastructure of these services. 

Since they have a thorough understanding of the ecology and infrastructure of the platform, they concentrate their efforts on creating new WordPress themes, sites, and plugins.

Hiring a WordPress developer for your company can be challenging. Finding a professional WordPress developer is more difficult than it may seem, despite the fact that there are many WordPress developers out there. It is important to know how to hire the right developer for your project

What to look for when hiring WordPress developers

If you wish to hire a WordPress expert who not only fits your job description but matches your specific requirements, there are certain things to be on the lookout for. 

Technical skills

A WordPress developer needs to possess a wide range of technical knowledge and abilities, and if you want to hire the top developers, they need to have the technical abilities listed below.

An experienced WordPress developer needs to be proficient in the main markup and programming languages used in web design, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. Although it is not a must, they should be conversant with the WordPress API, REST APIs, MySQL, React/React Native frameworks, Microsoft .NET, theme customization, and web servers like ASP and Apache.

Communication skills

For your WordPress projects, it's essential to hire someone who is knowledgeable in every technical aspect of web development. However, it's also essential to select WordPress developers who are excellent communicators and take into account their style of speaking and other soft skills. For instance, they ought to be able to fully respond to each of your questions. 

You should also work with someone who can openly communicate with you and give you regular updates on the project's progress. You won't be in the dark that way. It's critical to make sure they can adhere to your creative vision and project deadlines. It can be easier to guarantee quick project progress if you can communicate and work together effectively with your WordPress developer.

Of course, if you haven't already hired them, it can be difficult to determine this. Yet how you interact with them during the interview process can give you a hint about what to anticipate if and when you decide to hire them. The development process is usually a team effort and if you want to have a smooth and productive working atmosphere, pay attention to the WordPress experts who have good listening and speaking communication abilities.

Excellent knowledge of JavaScript

JavaScript is useful when programmers wish to make a site, theme, or plugin interactive. It's also one of the most important technical skills and knowledge a WordPress programmer should have.

Your future developers should be proficient in this language as well as in one or two JavaScript libraries and frameworks like jQuery, React, Angular, or Vue.JS. All developers, from junior to senior, use these libraries to increase the functionality and efficiency of the website, but only senior developers are aware of the problems that customers face and use this knowledge to create more engaging pages.

Practical knowledge of Bitbucket and GitHub

Developers who utilize GitHub and Bitbucket, for instance, are far more productive than other developers. With these tools, they successfully save all of the work and do not lose your progress. 

GitHub is also the only platform millions of developers and companies use to create, distribute, and manage their software. It is the largest and most sophisticated development repository in the world. In contrast, Bitbucket offers more than just a place to save Git code. It uses code review to produce superior software.

Good understanding of SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a strategy for increasing website traffic from organic search results. Increasing the number of visitors to a website is always beneficial. It is always advantageous to increase the volume of visitors to a website.

The best WordPress developers, although it is not compulsory, should be familiar with some SEO concepts so they can work without micromanagement. They should be able to write a distinctive, pertinent, and relevant meta description for a web page. Also, since it can help your website tremendously by allowing you to capitalize on the advantages of rivals, you can prioritize the developers with a good understanding of SEO. 

Top 5 WordPress Developer Interview Questions

What does "importers" in WordPress mean?

This question would help you determine the knowledge level of the developer on the various WordPress tools. 

WordPress importers are programs that let you transfer content between different WordPress sites. This program can also be used to move a website from localhost to an internet server. The WordPress importer can be used to move various types of data. Some examples are:

  • Pages, posts, and other types of custom posts
  • Custom fields and post meta
  • Comments
  • Tags, Categories
  • Authors, etc

Describe WordPress's avatar and gravatar.

This question is quite simple, but ask it and look out for how quickly the developer is able to answer this simple question. It is important that they know the basics just as well as the advanced ones. 

Putting a face to your material will help your visitors connect with it and become more engaged with your WordPress blogs or company websites. An avatar, a photo that serves as your online identity, is a useful tool for doing this. Users can learn more about you and your brand by interacting with an avatar on your website.

WordPress gives its users avatars using Gravatar. The globally recognized avatar is known as Gravatar. Users of the Gravatar platform can upload an image and use it as their avatar on different websites. Along with comments, postings, and several other website activities, Gravatar photos are shown.

A scenario: Why are widgets failing to show up in the sidebar?

There are some reasons why the widgets will fail to show up in the sidebar, and a WordPress developer should be able to provide the right answer as to why that is. Possible scenarios as to why it is possible are described in the answer below.

Users must first make sure that the themes they are using support the widget before adding it. It's probable that the absence of function.php or a file comparable to it is what's causing the issue. Another scenario is that the user neglected to save the widget changes or did not reload the previous page.

Which essential plugins are needed while creating a WordPress website?

Plugins are an important aspect of WordPress development, and this question would allow you to ascertain the level of technical experience or knowledge a developer has. 

A wide range of plugins for WordPress are available to improve the functionality of your website. The wide range of plugins available has helped WordPress rise to the top of the list of CMSs in recent years. Some of the crucial plugins that must be installed when building a website include SEO plugins, caching plugins, anti-spam plugins, and contact form plugins. While they don’t need to be experts in every single plugin, your prospective WordPress developer needs to be aware of these plugins so that they can solve problems more smoothly.

Describe WordPress' shortcodes

To properly excel at the job that you have set out to hire them for, they must show proof of experience and knowledge. An experienced developer should be knowledgeable of the varying WordPress shortcodes. 

A shortcode is a compact section of code that, when inserted between brackets like [yourshortcode], serves a single purpose for your website. It can be positioned anywhere to give a page, article, or other piece of content a specific attribute. The addition of dynamic content to pages, posts, and sidebars is simple with WordPress shortcodes. Numerous WordPress plugins and themes offer shortcodes to enable the integration of specialized content such as sliders, image galleries, contact forms, and more. 


Frequently asked questions

There are many tools that can be used to make the hiring process easier and to help you manage your job listing. You can make use of an assessment tool that allows you to test out their skills before hiring, or you can also use a hiring platform: There are numerous online hiring platforms, such as Strider, that help businesses find and hire pre-vetted engineering talent.

Local developers are frequently more expensive than remote ones, and hiring developers remotely gives you access to a much wider pool of candidates.

As opposed to some freelancers who may be constrained by particular geographic boundaries, remote developers avoid frequent commuting. Also, hiring developers remotely is more cost-effective than doing it locally because local developers must travel more frequently. To make communication and collaboration easy for both sides, when employing remote workers from abroad, constantly keep an eye out for developers in similar time zones. 

Yes, WordPress will still be relevant in 2023. Numerous reputable businesses and developers frequently choose WordPress to build and manage websites and blogs. According to Forbes, WordPress is the most-used platform for website creation, and its relevance keeps increasing. 
While looking to hire a WordPress developer, there are numerous factors to think about and keep in mind which is why we have provided you with this guide! 

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