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Dedicated developers on Strider are pre-vetted for soft skills, English communication skills, and tech skills. Hire only the best.

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Whether you're looking for Dedicated Developers today, or tomorrow, we have you covered. s in our network have experience across hundreds of technologies.

Luiza F. Back-end Developer

Proficient in various programming languages and frameworks being able to excel in leading cross-functional teams, architecting scalable solutions, and delivering high-quality products.

Microsoft SQL Server
Diego V. Full-stack Developer

Experienced developer with varied background in big companies and startups. Proficient in designing and executing complex web apps with extensive grasp of front-end and back-end technologies.

Microsoft SQL Server
Caainã J. Full-stack Developer

Successfully delivered a wide range of web applications, showcasing proficiency in front-end and back-end technologies, with more than 10 years of coding from concept to deployment.

Microsoft SQL Server
Bianca S. Full-stack Developer

With over five years of experience in web development, a focus is placed on supporting companies in the building and sustaining of a robust code base using cutting-edge technologies.

Microsoft SQL Server
Ruby on Rails
and 100+ other technologies

Frequently asked questions on how to hire with Strider

No, it's 100% free to get started with Strider. You only pay if you hire, and there is no obligation to hire.

We've found that most customers end up saving 30-50% compared to hiring an equally talented based in the US. When you speak with our hiring experts, they'll get to know more about your role in order to provide an accurate quote.

After your initial call with our hiring experts, we will share a curated shortlist of within two business days. Companies we work with typically make a hire within 1-2 weeks after receiving the shortlist. Though, this process can move as fast as you want. Some companies make a hire within a few days after receiving the shortlist.

Yes, we also work with other technology roles like designers, QA, DevOps, and more.

We work with virtually every modern technology stack. You'd be hard-pressed to find a technology we do not cover.

Yes, as a part of our vetting process, we verify that the has advanced English skills, so that they can keep up in fast-paced, English-speaking workplaces.

All of our work remotely from Latin America. They speak fluent English and work in US time zones. We handle local compliance, so you don't have to worry about the legal aspects and can stay focused on your business.

We vet for soft skills, technical skills, and English fluency. This ensures that they'll be able to excel in a remote, US-headquartered work environment.

Hire Dedicated Developers Effectively

When it comes to software development, hiring dedicated developers can be a highly effective approach. Whether you need to build a mobile app, web application, or custom software, having a dedicated development team can provide numerous benefits. Hiring dedicated developers gives you access to a pool of skilled professionals focused on your project, ensuring complete control, efficient communication, and tailored solutions to meet your business requirements.

Hiring dedicated developers offers flexibility in terms of engagement models. You can build an in-house team, hire remote developers, or partner with an offshore development company. This allows you to scale your team and resources according to your project needs while optimizing operational costs. Additionally, dedicated developers bring their expertise and proven track record, ensuring the successful completion of your development projects.

Dedicated developers possess various skills and domain knowledge, enabling them to work on projects in multiple technologies and industries. Whether you require front-end developers, back-end developers, or specialists in specific or trending technologies, you can find the right talent to fulfill your requirements. With a dedicated development team, you can rely on their continuous collaboration, adaptability, and commitment to delivering high-quality, end-to-end solutions.

The following sections will explore what to look for when hiring dedicated software developers, some interview questions, and shared questions about hiring a dedicated development team. Stay tuned to discover the critical strategies for hiring dedicated programmers and maximizing the success of your software development endeavors.

What to Look for When Hiring Dedicated Developers

Technical Skills

When hiring dedicated developers, assessing their technical skills is crucial to ensure they have the expertise required for your project. Look for developers with in-depth knowledge and experience in relevant technologies, such as programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

For example, if you're developing a mobile app, seek dedicated developers skilled in mobile app development frameworks like React Native or Flutter. Additionally, evaluate their proficiency in areas such as database management, cloud computing, and software architecture to ensure they can handle the complexities of your project.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential for seamless collaboration with your dedicated team. Look for developers who possess strong verbal and written communication skills. They should be able to articulate complex technical concepts clearly and concisely and actively listen to and understand project requirements.

Additionally, consider their ability to provide regular updates, ask relevant questions, and offer suggestions to improve the development process. Clear and open communication ensures the entire team, including project managers and stakeholders, stays aligned and informed throughout the development lifecycle.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance and testing are vital in delivering a robust, error-free software solution. When hiring dedicated developers, consider their understanding of quality assurance standards and ability to implement effective testing strategies. Assess their knowledge of different testing techniques, such as unit testing, integration testing, security testing, and accessibility testing.

Look for candidates who can create comprehensive test cases, perform rigorous testing, and identify and address issues promptly. A strong focus on quality assurance ensures that your software meets the highest performance, functionality, and user experience standards.

Agile Development Methodologies

Agile methodologies have become the industry standard for software development due to their flexibility and adaptability. Hire dedicated programmers familiar with agile practices, such as Scrum or Kanban.

They should have experience working in cross-functional teams, participating in daily stand-up meetings, and delivering incremental updates. A developer's understanding of agile principles and ability to collaborate effectively within an agile environment can significantly contribute to the success of your development projects.

Top 5 Dedicated Developer Interview Questions

What is the concept of multithreading and its advantages in software development? Provide an example of how you have used multithreading in a previous project.

Asking this question allows you to assess the candidate's understanding of multithreading, a fundamental concept in concurrent programming. By explaining the advantages of multithreading, such as improved performance and responsiveness, candidates can showcase their knowledge of utilizing multiple threads to execute tasks concurrently. Additionally, asking for a real-world example from their previous experience provides insight into their practical application of multithreading and problem-solving abilities.

What is the concept of design patterns? Give an example of a design pattern you have used in your previous projects and explain why it was beneficial.

Understanding design patterns is essential for creating scalable, maintainable, efficient software solutions. By posing this question, you can gauge the candidate's familiarity with common design patterns and their bio and apply them effectively.

Candidates should concisely explain a specific design pattern they have used, such as the Singleton or Observer pattern, and elaborate on how it addressed a particular challenge, improved code structure, or enhanced code reusability.

What best practices and tools do you use for code reviews and continuous integration?

Large-scale projects demand robust code quality and maintainability. By asking this question, you can evaluate a candidate's knowledge of best practices for ensuring code quality and familiarity with tools used for code reviews and continuous integration.

Candidates should elaborate on their experience with code reviews, unit testing frameworks, static code analysis tools, and continuous integration pipelines. Hire software developers who may also mention techniques such as code refactoring, documentation, and adherence to coding standards.

Describe a situation where you had to troubleshoot a problematic bug in a production environment. How did you approach the problem, and what steps did you take to identify and fix the bug?

Software development inevitably involves troubleshooting and resolving bugs. This question allows you to assess a candidate's critical thinking skills and ability to manage urgent situations.

Candidates should provide a detailed account of a challenging bug, describing their systematic approach to identifying the root cause, debugging techniques, and the steps taken to fix the issue. Emphasize the importance of effective debugging, log analysis, and the candidate's ability to collaborate with team members during problem resolution.

What is containerization, and how can it benefit software development and deployment? Have you worked with containerization tools like Docker or Kubernetes?

Containerization has revolutionized software development and deployment processes. By posing this question, you can evaluate a candidate's understanding of containerization and its advantages.

Candidates should explain the concept of containerization, highlight the benefits of isolating applications in containers, and discuss how containerization simplifies deployment, scalability, and portability. Inquiring about their experience with containerization tools like Docker or Kubernetes provides insights into their practical expertise and exposure to industry-standard technologies.

Common questions about hiring Dedicated Developers

Hiring a dedicated development team offers several advantages. Firstly, a dedicated team provides a comprehensive skill set covering different software development areas. They can collaborate effectively, resulting in improved productivity and quality. Additionally, a dedicated team offers continuity, ensuring that the knowledge and expertise remain within the team even if individual team members leave. This allows for smoother project transitions and reduces the risk of knowledge loss.
The choice between in-house and dedicated remote developers depends on your project's requirements and circumstances. In-house developers offer the advantage of proximity, enabling face-to-face interactions and immediate support. On the other hand, hire dedicated remote developers to give you access to a global talent pool, potentially reducing costs and allowing for round-the-clock development. Consider the project timeline, budget, required skill set, and communication preferences to determine the most suitable option. For instance, you can hire dedicated web developers remotely to deliver your web project.
There are various engagement models to consider when hiring dedicated developers. Some standard models include full-time dedicated developers, part-time developers, fixed-price projects, and hourly contracts. Assess your project requirements, budget, and expected timeline to determine the most suitable engagement model for your needs. For example, a mobile app development company will hire dedicated mobile app developers who fit into their project engagement model for their mobile apps.
Integrating dedicated developers into your existing team requires clear communication and collaboration. Provide an orientation to familiarize them with your project, coding standards, and development processes. Assign a mentor or team leader to guide them and facilitate knowledge sharing. Encourage open communication and create a supportive environment that values the contributions of all team members.
To effectively manage a dedicated development team model, establish clear project goals and objectives. Regularly communicate project updates, expectations, and deadlines to ensure alignment. Use project management tools to track progress and assign tasks. Foster a positive team culture by recognizing achievements, promoting continuous learning, and providing opportunities for professional growth.

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