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developers on Strider are pre-vetted for soft skills, English communication skills, and tech skills. Hire only the best.

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Strider clients typically hire in 1-2 weeks because we quickly and accurately match you with the right pre-vetted Developers.

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Work with developers based in Latin America who speak fluent English to save 30-50% on software development costs.

Git developers for hire, and more!

Whether you're looking for Git developers today, or developers tomorrow, we have you covered. developerss in our network have experience across hundreds of technologies.

Luiza F. Back-end Developer

Proficient in various programming languages and frameworks being able to excel in leading cross-functional teams, architecting scalable solutions, and delivering high-quality products.

Microsoft SQL Server
Diego V. Full-stack Developer

Experienced developer with varied background in big companies and startups. Proficient in designing and executing complex web apps with extensive grasp of front-end and back-end technologies.

Microsoft SQL Server
Caainã J. Full-stack Developer

Successfully delivered a wide range of web applications, showcasing proficiency in front-end and back-end technologies, with more than 10 years of coding from concept to deployment.

Microsoft SQL Server
Bianca S. Full-stack Developer

With over five years of experience in web development, a focus is placed on supporting companies in the building and sustaining of a robust code base using cutting-edge technologies.

Microsoft SQL Server
Ruby on Rails
and 100+ other technologies

Frequently asked questions on how to hire with Strider

No, it's 100% free to get started with Strider. You only pay if you hire, and there is no obligation to hire.

We've found that most customers end up saving 30-50% compared to hiring an equally talented developers based in the US. When you speak with our hiring experts, they'll get to know more about your role in order to provide an accurate quote.

After your initial call with our hiring experts, we will share a curated shortlist of developers within two business days. Companies we work with typically make a hire within 1-2 weeks after receiving the shortlist. Though, this process can move as fast as you want. Some companies make a hire within a few days after receiving the shortlist.

Yes, we also work with other technology roles like designers, QA, DevOps, and more.

We work with virtually every modern technology stack. You'd be hard-pressed to find a technology we do not cover.

Yes, as a part of our vetting process, we verify that the developers has advanced English skills, so that they can keep up in fast-paced, English-speaking workplaces.

All of our developers work remotely from Latin America. They speak fluent English and work in US time zones. We handle local compliance, so you don't have to worry about the legal aspects and can stay focused on your business.

We vet developers for soft skills, technical skills, and English fluency. This ensures that they'll be able to excel in a remote, US-headquartered work environment.

Hire Git developers Effectively in 2023

Git is a popular version control system used by developers to manage and track changes to their codebase. Since its release in 2005, Git has become the go-to tool for software developers looking to streamline their development workflow.

Git developers are software professionals who specialize in using Git and related tools to manage code repositories and collaborate with other developers. They are responsible for ensuring that the codebase is up-to-date, performing unit testing, troubleshooting issues, and resolving merging conflicts.

In today's fast-paced digital world, hiring programmers with Git expertise has become essential for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition. The demand for Git and Github developers is on the rise, and by knowing how to hire the best experts, companies can ensure they have the right talent on board to work with and tackle even the most complex projects.

What to look for when hiring Git developers

When looking to hire Git developers, it's essential to consider their skills and experiences. The most qualified candidates will possess the key factors that make them stand out. Here are some of the essential skills and experiences to keep in mind when hiring a Git developer, whether they are full-time or part-time professionals.

Technical skills

To work with Git, developers need to know how to use it to manage code, handle changes, and test their work. They should also be familiar with best practices for collaborating with others using Git. This knowledge is important for web developers and software developers who use Git regularly.

Communication skills

Effective communication skills are crucial for Git developers to work successfully in a team. They should be able to communicate technical concepts to non-technical team members, articulate their ideas clearly, and provide constructive feedback on code reviews.

Problem-Solving Skills

Git developers should have strong problem-solving skills, be able to analyze complex issues, and provide effective solutions. They should be able to identify and fix issues related to Git repositories and be able to troubleshoot issues with web applications.

Work Experience

Developers should have deep familiarity with version control systems, as Git and GitHub. It's essential to consider the type of software projects they have worked on, such as web development, Ruby on Rails, or machine learning. If you want to hire the top Git expert developers, you need to be aware that there is a high demand for them. Moreover, there is a large pool of remote developers who specialize in Git development services.

Common questions about hiring Git developers

To evaluate a candidate's Git proficiency, you can ask questions related to Git concepts, command-line usage, and workflows. You can also ask for coding exercises that involve using Git and review the candidate's past work history.
Proficiency in Git and related tools is considered a crucial skill for software developers across various roles, such as a web developer, a senior software engineer, and full stack developer. Git is a distributed version control system that allows developers to collaborate efficiently and keep track of changes made to the codebase over time. Hiring someone with Git proficiency is essential for maintaining a high-quality codebase.
Efficient collaboration and version control are crucial in any software development project, which is why Git has become an essential tool for teams. To make the most of Git in a collaborative environment, it's important to follow best practices such as using descriptive commit messages, creating a clear branching strategy, and pulling changes regularly from the remote repository. Additionally, code reviews are highly recommended to catch potential issues early in the development process and ensure the quality of the codebase. By following these best practices, teams can work together seamlessly and efficiently using Git.
To evaluate a developer's experience working with complex branching strategies and merging conflicts, you can ask them about specific scenarios they have encountered and how they resolved them. Reviewing their past work history and examining their codebase can also provide insight into their experience with Git.

Developers should have worked with common Git workflows, such as the centralized workflow, feature branch workflow, Gitflow workflow, and forking workflow. Each workflow has its advantages and is used in different situations. For instance, the centralized workflow is suitable for small teams working on a single project, while the feature branch workflow is ideal for larger teams collaborating on multiple features.

Knowing these workflows and being able to adapt to different ones is essential for working collaboratively and maintaining version control within a development team. It ensures smooth code integration and makes it easier to manage changes, avoid conflicts, and roll back to previous versions if necessary. Therefore, Git proficiency is essential to deliver high-quality code and meet project deadlines.

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