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Hire SharePoint Developers Effectively

Regarding building robust and scalable collaboration and content management solutions, Microsoft SharePoint is a popular choice for businesses across various industries. SharePoint developers play a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining SharePoint-based applications that meet the unique needs of organizations. However, finding and hiring skilled SharePoint developers can be a challenging task. This guide will discuss key considerations and strategies to help you hire SharePoint developers effectively.

SharePoint developers possess a range of technical skills and expertise that are essential for successful SharePoint development. They are proficient in SharePoint technologies and frameworks, including SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server, SharePoint Designer, and SharePoint Framework (SPFx). These developers deeply understand SharePoint's architecture, workflows, lists, libraries, and web parts, enabling them to create customized solutions tailored to your business requirements.

In the following sections, we will explore the key factors to consider when hiring a SharePoint developer, including technical skills, communication abilities, and teamwork. By understanding these factors and asking the right questions during the hiring process, you can ensure that you find the right SharePoint developers who can contribute to the success of your SharePoint projects.

What to Look for When Hiring SharePoint Developers

Technical skills

When hiring SharePoint developers, it is crucial to assess their technical skills to ensure they can effectively contribute to SharePoint development projects. SharePoint developers should have a strong understanding of SharePoint architecture and development concepts. They should be proficient in SharePoint development languages such as C# and JavaScript and web technologies like HTML, CSS, and REST APIs.

Additionally, SharePoint developers should be familiar with SharePoint customization and configuration, including creating and managing SharePoint sites, lists, libraries, and workflows. Knowledge of SharePoint frameworks, such as SharePoint Framework (SPFx), is also valuable for developing modern SharePoint solutions. Familiarity with Microsoft technologies, such as .NET and SQL Server, is advantageous for integrating SharePoint with other systems and building robust solutions.

Communication skills

Effective communication is essential for SharePoint developers to collaborate with stakeholders, understand project requirements, and convey technical information. When hiring SharePoint developers, it is crucial to assess their communication skills.

SharePoint developers should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to clearly articulate their ideas, provide project updates, and collaborate with team members. They should be able to understand business requirements and translate them into technical solutions effectively. Additionally, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment are valuable for successful SharePoint development projects.

SharePoint integration

SharePoint integration is a critical aspect of SharePoint development. Hiring SharePoint developers with experience in SharePoint integration ensures that they can seamlessly connect SharePoint with other systems and applications. SharePoint integration allows businesses to leverage the full potential of SharePoint by integrating it with tools like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and custom applications.

When interviewing SharePoint developers, consider asking about their experiences with SharePoint integration techniques, such as using SharePoint APIs, web services, or third-party integration tools. Assess their ability to design and implement integrations that enhance collaboration, automate processes, and improve productivity within the organization.

SharePoint solution architecture

SharePoint solution architecture plays a vital role in designing scalable and efficient SharePoint solutions. When hiring SharePoint developers, evaluating their understanding of solution architecture principles and best practices is essential.

Ask candidates about their experience designing SharePoint solutions that meet business needs, accommodate future growth, and ensure optimal performance. Assess their ability to create solution blueprints, define information architecture, and design secure and scalable SharePoint environments. Look for Microsoft SharePoint developers who can demonstrate their knowledge of SharePoint governance, security, and performance optimization to ensure the successful implementation of SharePoint projects.

Top 5 SharePoint Developer Interview Questions

How would you optimize the performance of a SharePoint site?

Asking this question helps evaluate the candidate's understanding of performance optimization techniques for Sharepoint sites. Look for candidates who mention strategies such as minimizing the use of custom code, employing caching mechanisms, optimizing SQL Server configurations, leveraging content delivery networks (CDNs), and implementing SharePoint's built-in performance tuning features like BLOB caching and object caching.

Additionally, a strong candidate should be familiar with performance monitoring tools like SharePoint Health Analyzer and PerformancePoint Services and demonstrate an understanding of best practices for optimizing page load times, query performance, and database operations.

Can you explain the concept of SharePoint farm architecture?

This question assesses the candidate's knowledge of SharePoint farm architecture, which is crucial for designing and implementing scalable SharePoint environments. Look for candidates who can explain the components of a SharePoint farm, such as web servers, application servers, and database servers. They should also discuss load balancing, high availability, and disaster recovery.

A strong candidate should demonstrate an understanding of how to configure and manage SharePoint service applications, implement service application partitions, and distribute the load across farm servers. Knowledge of security considerations, such as firewall configurations and secure communication between farm servers, is also valuable.

How would you design a SharePoint solution to meet specific business requirements?

This question evaluates the candidate's ability to analyze business requirements and design effective SharePoint solutions. Look for candidates who discuss gathering requirements, conducting stakeholder interviews, and creating solution blueprints. They should demonstrate an understanding of SharePoint features and components that can be leveraged to meet specific business needs, such as document management, collaboration, and workflow automation.

Strong candidates should also discuss information architecture, content types, and metadata management to ensure efficient content organization and search capabilities. They should be able to address scalability, security, and customization considerations and propose a solution that aligns with best practices and industry standards.

How would you handle data migration from a legacy system to SharePoint?

Data migration is critical when transitioning from a legacy system to SharePoint. This question assesses the candidate's experience and approach to data migration challenges. Look for candidates who discuss data assessment, mapping, and transformation strategies.

Strong candidates should demonstrate knowledge of SharePoint migration tools like Sharegate or Metalogix and PowerShell scripting for automating migration processes. They should be able to address potential data quality issues, handle large datasets efficiently, and ensure data integrity during the migration process. Knowledge of SharePoint's versioning and auditing capabilities for tracking changes during migration is also valuable.

How would you troubleshoot and resolve common SharePoint issues?

SharePoint developers should possess strong troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve common SharePoint issues effectively. Ask candidates to describe their approach to troubleshooting scenarios like site permissions problems, content deployment errors, or performance bottlenecks.

Please look for candidates who demonstrate familiarity with SharePoint diagnostic tools, ULS logs, and event viewer logs for identifying and diagnosing issues. They should also discuss their ability to research and utilize SharePoint community resources, such as MSDN and SharePoint Stack Exchange, to find solutions. A strong candidate should have experience analyzing and resolving issues related to custom code, SharePoint configurations, and integration with other systems.

Common questions about hiring SharePoint developers

Having experience in business analysis and solution architecture is valuable for SharePoint developers. Business analysis skills enable developers to understand and translate business requirements into technical solutions and provide long-term SharePoint support. SharePoint developers with solution architecture experience can design scalable, efficient, and robust SharePoint solutions that align with the organization's goals.

This expertise ensures that SharePoint applications are well-structured, optimized, and meet the business's needs. Assessing a SharePoint developer's proficiency in these areas is beneficial when considering their fit for your project. I think that a SharePoint developer's ability in these areas is helpful.

The decision to hire freelance SharePoint developers or work with a SharePoint development company depends on your project's scope, timeline, and specific requirements. Freelance SharePoint developers can provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially for short-term projects or particular tasks.

On the other hand, working with a SharePoint development company offers the advantages of dedicated Sharepoint developers, collective expertise, and project management support. They can handle complex projects, provide long-term support, and ensure continuity even if individual developers are unavailable. Consider the nature of your project and the level of support you need when making this decision.

SharePoint design plays a crucial role in hiring SharePoint developers as it contributes to the user experience, branding, and overall aesthetics of SharePoint apps. SharePoint developers with design skills can create visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that enhance user engagement and productivity.

They can customize SharePoint sites, apply branding elements, and optimize the layout for efficient information retrieval. When hiring SharePoint developers, consider their proficiency in SharePoint design tools, their understanding of user-centered design principles, and their ability to create visually appealing and functional SharePoint interfaces.

You can consider several approaches to ensure code quality when hiring SharePoint developers. Start by reviewing their past projects and requesting code samples to assess their code's cleanliness, readability, and maintainability.

Conduct code reviews during the interview to evaluate their adherence to coding standards, best practices, and SharePoint development guidelines. Additionally, consider asking about their approach to testing and quality assurance processes. Look for candidates who prioritize code quality, have solid attention to detail, and are committed to delivering robust and efficient SharePoint solutions.

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